A beautiful day for a walk in the park.  - Thursday June 01, 2017.
Swan Lake Village area, Markham, Ontario.

Yesterday we confirmed at least 6 Cygnets hatched and today we confirmed a total of 7 Cygnets have hatched and were having their first swim and family outing!!! Pictures in the bottom half of this email.

Swan Lake Park - May 23, 2017



We spent a fair amount of time following this Baltimore Oriole from tree to tree in the woods at the west end of the park. First time I've gotten a very good picture of the Oriole.



Romeo knows the cygnets are going to hatch soon and is busy chasing geese and people away from the lake.

Swan Lake Park - May 28, 2017





Swan Lake Park - May 31, 2017



Swan Lake Park - June 1, 2017



Romeo & Juliet take the cygnets for a swim.








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