A beautiful day for a walk in the park. 

Sunday August 24, 2014.

Swan Lake Village area,
Markham, Ontario

Pictures of my walks around Swan Lake Park over the last two weeks, Aug 13 to 24, 2014. Some great shots of the Black-crowned Night Heron.

Swan Lake Park - Aug 13, 2014

Mute Swan
Romeo and Juliet guarding the Cygnets while they are at the Swan feeding station.

Midland Painted Turtle
While climbing the hill behind Turtle Inlet we noticed a break in the trees where we could look down on the back end of the inlet.

House Sparrow
This female was sitting on the fence watching as I walked along the path around the lake.

Wood Duck
This female Wood Duck has been hanging around the Swan Feeding Station waiting to raid the feeding trough as soon as the Swan's leave.

Swan Lake Park - Aug 15th, 2014

Double-crested Cormorant
This Cormorant is sitting on the pier island.

Swan Lake Park - Aug 16th, 2014

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit
This little fellow greeted me as I entered the park from the east pond gate.

Swan Lake Park - Aug 17, 2014

Great Blue Heron
Picture taken while walking down the hill to the point. The Great Blue Heron was across the lake east of the Swan Feeding Station.

Swan Lake Park - Aug 18, 2014

Mute Swan
The two Cygnets enjoying the sunshine while they wait for the evening feeding.

Mallard Duck
After the Swan's leave the ducks raid the feeding station for leftovers.
The number of ducks on the lake appears to be increasing on the lake.

Midland Painted Turtle
Just past the landing there is a small rock off shore that the turtles and ducks use to sun themselves on. This was a very small turtle that was watching me closely while trying to decide if I was a threat.

House Sparrow
This female House Sparrow was watching me from a tree over the path.

Swan Lake Park - Aug 19th, 2014

Black-crowned Night Heron
While crossing the bridge over turtle inlet we saw this Night Heron at the very back of the inlet.

Black-crowned Night Heron
Cindy noticed another Night heron way up in the trees .
Cindy took the picture from the Bridge looking north.

Black-crowned Night Heron
While climbing back up the Hill there was an opening in the trees and we found ourselves able to look directly at the Night Heron 20 or 30 feet up in the tree..

American Goldfinch
On the way back to the village along the north shore we saw this bright little fellow watching us walk by.

Swan Lake Park - Aug 20th, 2014

Double-crested Cormorant
This Cormorant was sitting on the west end of the pier Island.
Shot taken from the pier.

Red Fox
As I was leaving the park I saw this fox cross the street in the Village and enter the park.

Swan Lake Park - Aug 22, 2014

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit
Again as I entered the park I found this cute fellow sitting on the grass eating weeds. It was fairly young and small compared to the rabbits i had seen in recent weeks.

Mute Swan
Juliet brought the Cygnets to their noon feeding but Romeo decided he was just going to continue to relax on the Pier Island.

A close up of one of the Cygnets. Notice how the feathers have grown as it nears it's adult size.

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