A beautiful day for a walk in the park. 

Friday June 06, 2014.

Swan Lake Village area,
Markham, Ontario

The Mute Swan's Cygnets have their first day on the lake.

Swan Lake Park - June 5th, 2014

Great Blue Heron
We followed a Great Blue Heron that was fishing out at the point and later flew over to the shore opposite the bridge at turtle inlet.

Swan Lake Park - June 6th, 2014 - Cygnets First Day on the lake.

Some of the Swan Lake Volunteers
Doc Sal, Art and Mark preparing to check on the Cygnets and the nest. Standing in front of the entrance to the Swan Feeder.

Mute Swan - Cygnets
Two of the four Cygnets swimming with both Romeo and Juliet watching them carefully.

Very difficult to get a shot of the Cygnets as both parents were guarding them and kept moving them away from us and placing themselves between us and the Cygnets.


After the swim Juliet returns to the nest to try and hatch the last egg.
She is turning the egg over and getting ready to sit on the egg.

Meanwhile the Cygnets were tired from their first swim and rested on the shore below the nest.


Doc Sal and Mark helping me try to get some better shots of the Cygnets from the water.

Picture by Art Henschel.

Northern Cardinal
While we were trying to get pictures of the Cygnets a beautiful male Northern Cardinal was flying and stopping along the path.

Picture courtesy of Mark H.

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