A beautiful day for a walk in the park. 

Sunday November 24, 2013.

Swan Lake Village area,
Markham, Ontario

Some interesting pictures of Swan Lake Park over the last few weeks.

Swan Lake Park - Nov 8th

Ring-billed Gull

Ring-billed Gull
This is the picture as I shot it on a cloudy day. It's in full color but you would never know it. The angle and the light turned it into a very interesting black and white view of the gull.

Swan Lake Park - Nov 13

Common Merganser
This male Merganser is flying off with it's lunch hanging from it's mouth. A gull was harrasing it in the hopes that it could get a free lunch by making the Merganser drop the fish.

Common Merganser
Another view of the Ring-billed Gull harrassing the Common Merganser.

Swan Lake Park - Nov 20

Common Merganser
The Common Mergansers on the lake would swim and fly off if I came within 100 yards of them. This made it very difficult to get any good shots of them but I did manage to get a few interesting long range shots like the last few. This is a shot of the male Common Merganser swimming in the middle of the lake.

Canada Geese

Swan Lake Park - Nov 23

Common Merganser
As I approached the shore near the pier these two Common Mergansers immediately swam away and then took off in flight.
The red head is a female and the one on the right is a male distinguished by the very dark green head.

Common Merganser
Another shot of the male Common Merganser taking off.



Swan Lake Village Nov 23rd,

Winter arrives

Swan Lake Park - Nov 24th

Canada Geese
The lake was covered with Canada Geese and ice today. About 1/3 of the lake was covered with ice and there must of been more than 2,000 geese on the lake.

Something unusual
As far as I can determine this is a half breed Canada Goose. One of the parents would have been
a white domestic goose with an orange bill, legs and feet
while the other parent was
a Canada Goose with a black bill, legs and feet.

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