A beautiful day for a walk in the park. 

Sunday September 29, 2013.

Swan Lake Village area,
Markham, Ontario

This issue includes pictures from Sept 2nd to Sept 27th of Swan Lake Park and a few taken within a few minutes of Swan Lake.

Swan Lake Park - Sept 7th

Mute Swans
Juliet and Romeo at the Swan feeding station.

Swan Lake Park - Sept 8th

There are some beautiful small flowers to see when walking around the park.

Double-crested Cormorant
There are two Cormorants currently living on the lake.
This picture was taken from the Swan Lake Pier of the Cormorant sitting at the west end of the island north of the pier.

Swan Lake Park - Sept 18th

Mute Swans
Romeo and Juliet swimming past the Swan Lake Club.

Reesor's Pond - Sept 24th

Great Egret
This Great Egret suddenly flew by us and I barely got my camera up in time to get a shot. This beautiful bird is seen on Swan Lake from time to time.

Great Egret
This second shot was taken at a greater distance as the Great Egret flew across the pond.

The number of birds on Swan Lake and surrounding ponds such as Reesor's pond is increasing steadly as birds start migrating south for the winter.

Sometimes the increased number of birds produce some chaotic scenes that resemble an air traffic controllers nightmare.

Field south east of Swan Lake - Sept 24th

Snow Goose and Blue Goose
A sure sign of fall and the coming of winter are the Snow Geese as they spend the summer (breeding season) in the artic.

Both birds are the same species but have two completely different colorations and are referred to as two different morphs.
The Snow Goose is the all white one with black feathers at the tail and end of the wings. The Blue Goose beside it has a white head and slaty blue grey feathers on the body and wings.

This shot was taken at a great distance as the Snow Geese were at the far end of the field which was covered in Canada Geese who also are slowly making their way south.

Swan Lake Park - Sept 24th

Black Squirrel
As we entered the park at the Pier this fellow was racing across the grass carrying a green apple it had found.

Double-crested Cormorant
Another picture of one of the Cormorants in the lake. Picture taken from the Pier.

Double-crested Cormorant
First time I've seen the Cormorant in flight. I was lucky enought to snap this picture of it as it flew by.

Mute Swan / Canada Goose
Now that fall is here Romeo is much more tolerant of the Canada Geese which in increasing numbers stop at our lake on the way south. However Romeo appears to have taken a particular dislike of this one Canada Goose sitting on a rock just under the surface. Romeo hit him in the chest.



Field South East of Swan Lake - Sept 26th

Snow Goose and Blue Goose
I checked the field again today and found the Snow Goose and the two Blue Geese still in the field.

Swan Lake Park - Sept 26th

Double-crested Cormorant
The Cormorant stretching it's wings trying to dry them.

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