A beautiful day for a walk in the park. 

Monday July 15, 2013.

Swan Lake Village area,
Markham, Ontario

Various pictures taken between July 10th and 15th of Swan Lake and Reesor's pond.

Swan Lake Park - July 10th

Mallard Duck
There appear to be a few Mallard Duck families on the lake with
newly hatched ducklings. This was one of 6 ducklings lining up to
get some of the food in the Swan Feeding Station. The mother duck
kept chasing all the other ducks away so that her babies would have
a chance at whatever was left over after Romeo and Juliet had fed.

Swan Lake Village - July 10th

Eastern Cottontail
While walking back from the park we saw a number of young Eastern Cottontail bunnies!. This was on a neighbours front lawn and was happily eating some of the weeds it found there.


Swan Lake Park - July 11

American Goldfinch
This Goldfinch was happily eating parts of this thistle near the East Pond.

Reesor's Pond - July 12th. 10 minutes south east of Swan Lake

Great Egret
This is a long distance shot of a Great Egret which has just caught a nice juicy fish from the pond.

Spotted Sandpiper / Great Egret
The spotted Sandpiper was keeping the Great Egret company.

Dragonfly's are sometimes referred to as mosquito hawks because they catch and eat up to 300 mosquitoes and small insects daily.

Swan Lake Park - July 14th

Mallard Ducks
A couple of ducks were having races in the lake just north of the pier.

The winner of the race who used it's wings to boost its swimming speed by using them like paddles.


Swan Lake Park - July 15th

Flowers in the park.
These small but beautiful flowers were blooming along the path around the lake.

Swan Lake Village - July 15th

American Goldfinch / Song Sparrow
These birds were visiting the feeder and chasing each other away every now and again.

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