A beautiful day for a walk in the park. 

Monday July 01, 2013.

Swan Lake Village area,
Markham, Ontario

Pictures from the last few weeks of Swan Lake Village, Swan Lake Park and Reesor's pond.

Swan Lake Village - June 18th

Beautiful flowers in one of our neighbours backyard.


Swan Lake Park - June 23rd

Great Blue Heron
While trying to take a shot of another bird - I was surprised as the Great Blue Heron suddenly appeared flying overhead.
I quickly tried to snap a shot and was lucky enough to get this one.

Reesor's Pond (Near Swan Lake) - June 26th

Great White Egret and Great Blue Heron
While visiting the pond I noticed 4 beautiful Great White Egrets on
the far shore. One flew over to the spit of land that stretches out into
the pond and landed next to a Great Blue Heron.

Swan Lake Park - June 26th

Pier and Fountain
Just a nice shot of the south east entrance to Swan Lake Park and
Swan Lake Village taken from across the lake. On the right you can see the pier which is popular as a site for Wedding Pictures due to the view.

Swan Lake Park - June 29th

Red-Winged Blackbird
While trying to take some pictures of the Great Blue Heron in the East Pond this Red-Winged Blackbird kept trying to get my attention in order to draw me away from where it's mates nests were located.
This shot was taken while looking towards the fence between the Village and the Park.

Great Blue Heron
When entering the park I checked the East Pond and noticed a Great Blue Heron standing near the west shore. I circled around to the east side of the pond and was able to get a number of pictures of the Heron as it moved along the shore hunting for fish and frogs.

Swan Lake Park - June 30th

Canada Geese - Traffic Jam
On the path around the East Pond I ran into quite a traffic jam of geese waiting their turn to walk down to the pond.

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