A beautiful day for a walk in the park. 

Monday May 20, 2013.

Swan Lake Village area,
Markham, Ontario

A few pictures taken on my walks around Swan Lake over the last two weeks.

Swan Lake Park - May 4th

Song Sparrow

Canada Geese
Three geese sitting with one foot in the water in the late afternoon.

Mute Swan
Romeo came over to check me out when I came a bit too close to the nest.

Swan Lake Park - May 5th

Slider Turtle
Over at Turtle inlet at the north west end of the lake this medium sized turtle came to the surface for a breath of air.

Slider Turtles
Shooting from the bridge at Turtle Inlet I saw these turtles sun bathing .

Swan Lake Park - May 6th

Mallard Duck

Swan Lake Park - May 8th

Mute Swan - Eggs
We have at least 5 eggs in the nest and no indications of predators in the area.

American Goldfinch
Clouded over late in the afternoon and I saw this Goldfinch along the path around the lake.

Swan Lake Park - May 16th

Red-winged Blackbird
Sitting on top of the swan feeding station.

American Goldfinch
On one of the trees along the east side of the Lake this Goldfinch was getting a snack and enjoying the late afternoon sun.

Red-Winged Blackbird
After spending a tiring day chasing other Red-Winged Blackbirds away from it's territory this one took a few minutes to rest in the sun, while keeping an eye open for any intruders.

Flowering Trees

Swan Lake Park - May 17

Red-Winged Blackbird
Sitting in a tree near the east side of the lake.

Swan Lake Park - May 20th

Northern Cardinal
Shot from the pier the Cardinal was in the trees and rocks near the ground at the edge of the water.

Canada Goose
Mom and some of her goslings. I shot this from the path looking across the east pond.

Flowering Trees
Swan Lake Village is really beautiful at this time of the year as so many of the trees put forth an explosion of flowers.

Turtle Dove

Ring-Billed Gull
Shot near the pier this gull was flying towards the lake.

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