A beautiful day for a walk in the park. 

Wednesday May 01, 2013.

Swan Lake Village area,
Markham, Ontario

We were treated to a beautiful summer like day today and apparently we will continue to enjoy this weather for the next few days. Great News! Romeo and Juliet now have at least 6 eggs in the nest.

Swan Lake Park

Mute Swan
Romeo has been very busy all day chasing geese away from the nest. He had a little help though as the geese that are nesting farther north west along the shore have also been chasing other geese away from the area.

Yellow Warbler
First time I've ever gotten a picture of a male Yellow Warbler.
It is such a tiny bird that at a distance you could easily mistake it for one of the Goldfinch which frequent the area in some numbers.

Song Sparrow
There are so many song birds in the trees along the path between Swan Lake and the East Pond that it is quite an experience to walk along there. The birds tend to hide in the evergreens where you can't see them but boy can you hear them all.

Mute Swan - Eggs
Taking a picture of the eggs from 20 feet away through the reeds is a difficult shot at best but when I blew the picture up I could count at least 6 eggs in the nest.

Mute Swans & Eggs
Romeo and Juliet both on the nest looking down at all those eggs.
I can just guess what they are thinking. "How are we going to pay for university for all of them???"

Northern Cardinal
Hooray! I finally got good shot of this male Northern Cardinal that seems to have claimed the path between Swan Lake and the East Pond as it's territory. I really like this picture as it is an unusual pose so I hope you'll excuse the extra large picture.

Pussy Willow - flower
I thought I would include a picture of one of the flowers on the pussy willow trees along the path. This is a macro shot and the actual flower is much smaller and you might miss it if you did not look closely at it.

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