A beautiful day for a walk in the park. 

Monday April 15, 2013.

Swan Lake Village area,
Markham, Ontario

Yesterday the swans were seen building a nest and today things got very exciting. Please note that some of the pictures are rated parental guidance required for those under 40 years of age.

Swan Lake Park

Mute Swans
Romeo & Juliet in full display as they chase a goose away from the feeder.

Mute Swan's Courting
Romeo and Juliet were swimming very close to each other and took turns plunging their head into the water.

They continued this behaviour, swimming close together and plunging their heads under the water for a while.

notice how the upper neck seems much larger then normal. Almost spread like a cobra's hood at times.

The swimming close together and plunging their heads in the water continues.



Suddenly Romeo shows an interest in other parts of Juliet.

Increased necking began to occur.

Romeo and Juliet decide to take the courting to it's logical conclusion.

Romeo's weight forces Juliet's body under the water and he reaches forward to try and help keep her head above water.

After the consumation Romeo and Juliet seem closer then ever .


After swimming up the shore a ways Romeo and Juliet returned to the landing and proceeded to have some fun splashing in the water.
They both seem very proud and happy about something.



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