A beautiful day for a walk in the park. 

Thursday April 04, 2013.

Swan Lake Village area,
Markham, Ontario

First spring like day of the year and time to take a short walk around the lake.

Swan Lake

Canada Geese
The Canada Geese are back and pairing up while waiting for the ice on the lake to melt.

Swan Lake Village Entrance
A beautiful day for a walk around the village and lake.

Ring Billed Gull
Flying over the lake.


Canada Goose
This goose got a little to close to another male who was courting a female and needed to make tracks quickly to get away from the irate male.

Canada Goose
Same goose after he got away and landed on the ice.

Mallard Duck
This male a quick flight to escape another irate male mallard.

Mallard Ducks
Just as I was snapping a picture of the duck in the water. Another male flew through the picture.

Pussy Willow
A sure sign of spring as these Pussy willows bud and the flowering catkins grow.
A number of birds will eat these as they mature as they provide one of the earliest food sources in the spring.

Common Grackle
The Grackle was just launching itself from the tree and was waiting to clear the branches before spreading it's wings.

Red Tailed Hawk
This Red Tailed Hawk was flying very high over the lake looking for dinner.

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