A beautiful day for a walk in the park. 

Saturday October 06, 2012.

Swan Lake Village area,
Markham, Ontario

Fall has arrived and the colors are changing. The birds are migrating and every day with blue skies and warm tempertures is a gift. These are a more then a few shots taken over the last week or so. Sept 24th to Oct 6th.

Swan Lake Park - Sept 24

Mute Swan
Strong winds have been sweeping across the lake every few days as the warm air from the south fights with the colder air from the north.
Here we see the Swans swimming against the wind.

Swan Lake Park - Sept 29th

Wild flowers
It may be fall but many of the wild flowers are still blooming.

Swan Lake Village - Oct 1st

Trees along Lakeside Vista

Swan Lake Park - Oct 1st

Swans, Geese and Trees
Every fall the geese stop at Swan Lake to rest on their journey south.

More wild flowers

Mute Swan
The Swan family just enjoying the sunlight as it breaks through the clouds.

Geese, fountain and Trees
A view of Swan Lake Village from across the lake.

Ruddy Duck
The picture isn't all that great but I spotted this small duck out in the middle of the lake. The Ruddy Duck is migrating through this area
on it's trip from north western canada to the east coast of the USA.

Busy Bee
More flowers and a bumble bee trying to fill his larder for the winter.

Swan Lake Park - Oct 5th

wild flower

Slider Turtle
This picture doesn't do the turtle justice. It is one of the largest turtles I've seen on the lake and that rock is much larger then it looks.
Note the other turtles head sticking out of the water to the right of the rock.

Canada Goose
The light was just right to capture some autumn colors reflected in the water.

Canada Goose
This time of the year the Canada Geese are constantly landing and taking off on Swan Lake.

Swan Lake Park - Oct 6th

More Autumn Colors
Looking across the lake towards Swan Lake Village.

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