A beautiful day for a walk in the park. 

Monday September 03, 2012.

Swan Lake Village area,
Markham, Ontario

Swan Lake Park - Aug 28 to Sept 3, 2012

Swan Lake Park - Aug 28 Evening

Great Blue Heron
While walking across the small bridge at the north west corner of the lake we saw this Great Blue Heron standing on a rock in the middle of the lake. The light was poor but the Heron stood out against the background.

Black-crowned Night-Heron
After we had taken a few shot of the Heron out on the water on
the south side of the bridege, we turned and looked over the inlet
on the north side. Standing on some branches and vines overhanging the waters of the small inlet was a
Black Crowned Night-Heron.

Night-Herons have shorter legs and necks than other herons and
feed mainly at night which makes it difficult to photograph them.
However on rare occassions they can be seen on the lake
during the day.

Swan Lake Park - Sept 1, 2012 - early afternoon.

Great Blue Heron
I was standing on the Pier at the entrance to Swan Lake Park and saw something out of the corner of my eye. I turned quickly and saw it was a Great Blue Heron flying north along the shore between the end of the pier and the shore. We were standing less then 20 feet from it as it flew by.

Swan Lake Park - Sept 02, 2012 - early afternoon

I was walking along the path from the pier towards the east pond
when I looked over towards the Island near the pier on Swan Lake and saw this Cormorant sharing the shade with some mallard ducks.
I shot this through a small gap in the tall grasses and bushes between the path and the shore.

Swan Lake Park - Sept 3, 2012 - mid day at the Pier

Great Blue Heron
The Great Blue Heron was standing on a log that sticks out into the water on the North East side of the pier. Again very close to the pier and not at all afraid of the people watching it from the pier.

While standing on the pier this cormorant flew by overhead 3 or 4 times, probably looking for a good fishing spot to land at.

Mute Swan
The bright sunlight today made it easier to get a very long telephoto shot of Romeo, Juliet and their Cygnets waiting at the Swan Feeding Station.

There appear to be two Cormorants on the lake lately and this
one was was visible from the pier between the island and the shore.
It had just caught a fish.

Swan Lake Park - Sept 3, 2012 - mid day - Swan Feeding Station

Mute Swan
Romeo, Juliet and the 6 cygnets having their noon meal at the feeding station.

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