A beautiful day for a walk in the park. 

Saturday July 21, 2012.

Swan Lake Village area,
Markham, Ontario

These pictures are from walks around the park July 13, 14 and 21.

Swan Lake Park - July 13 - Evening

Northern Cardinal
The Norther Cardinal is a beautiful bird to see but tends to be a bit shy. I've seen this particular one on numerous occasions while walking around the park.

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit
This fellow was grazing in the field between the north shore and the path. He didn't seem to be bothered at all by the people walking by.

Here are some interesting notes from the Ontario Gov't wildlife management web site.
"Both rabbits and hares are incredibly fast. They can reach speeds of 60 to 75 kilometres per hour. This speed is a necessity for eastern cottontails, since they have numerous predators and few natural defense mechanisms.

Contrary to popular belief, eastern cottontail rabbits are not burrowing animals. They nest in shallow depressions in lawns and fields.

Conflicts happen

Rabbits may eat leafy garden plants, buds, twigs and bark. They will also feed on garden vegetables and fruit when available.

Swan Lake Village - Sanctuary Way - July 13th Evening

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit
This Easter Cottontail Rabbit was near the curb of Sanctuary way behind the first house. Very brave fellow as he let get fairly close.

Swan Lake Park - July 14 - mid afternoon

Mute Swan
Juliet and the 6 cynets were enjoying the hot sun resting on the ground between the path and the East Pond near the park bench.
I was a bit surprised to see them enjoying the heat in the sun as it was a very hot and humid day.
P.S. Romeo was sleeping in the shade at the landing on the north side of Swan lake.

Mute Swan
A few minutes later Juliet decides it is time to find Romeo and leads the cygnets across the path to Swan Lake.

Spotted Sandpiper
Again I came across this Spotted Sandpiper at the landing on the north side of the lake.

Swan Lake Park - July 21 - early afternoon

American Gold Finch
We were walking on the path, on the north side of the lake near the Swan Club, when we saw a flash of bright yellow behind some tall grass and bushes. the American Gold Finch loves thistle seeds and had found a fresh batch of them on these thistles.

Mute Swan
Juliet and the 6 cygnets swimming full speed towards Cindy and I.
This was west of the point near where the beaver was earlier this year.

Great Blue Heron
We have been seeing this Great Blue Heron on the south west side of the lake and usually it has been visible from the bridge.

Mallard Duck
While looking at the Great Blue Heron we noticed a female Mallard and 5 very young ducklings underneath the bridge. Unfortunaely I couldn't get a good picture of the whole family as they tried to stay out of site under the bridge.

Mallard Duck
This is the mother duck staying close to the duckling and trying to keep them under the bridge.

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