A beautiful day for a walk in the park. 

Tuesday July 10, 2012.

Swan Lake Village area,
Markham, Ontario

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Swan Lake Park - July 8th

Mute Swan
Juliet and the cygnets eating some tasty water plants in the shade of some trees that overhang the water. The cygnets are growing very fast.

White Homing Pidgeon?
I was very surprised to see this white bird flying very fast around the lake. I thought it might be a white dove but when I looked it up on the internet I found out that it is most likely a white Homing Pidgeon.

The white doves that are released on TV and at weddings etc are most likely not doves. Apparently in most cases they are white Homing Pidgeons. Which makes sense as after they are released they will automatically fly home to the owner.


Swan Lake Village - July 8th

Male House Finch ?
I saw this redish bird on top of our neighbours roof around 7pm.

Swan Lake Park - July 10th

Great Blue Heron
Walking around the lake and when I stopped on the bridge, at the north west end of the lake, I looked across the water and saw this Great Blue Heron.

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