A beautiful day for a walk in the park. 

Friday June 22, 2012.

Swan Lake Village area,
Markham, Ontario

Swan Lake Park - June 19
This Robin kept flicking it's tail up into the air while sitting on the fence.
While walking along the path around the lake this rabbit
suddenly hopped on to the path right in front of us.
He was a little surprised to see us only a few feet away.
Ring Billed Gull
Looking down on the lake I saw this Gull swooping down onto the lake.
I was wondering what he was after so I kept snapping pictures.
And less then a second later caught him catching a fish from Swan Lake.
Mute Swan
Romeo, Juliet and their six cygnets!!.
If you look very closely you can see the 6th cygnet with it's head under water.
This picture was taken out near the Point.
Mute Swan
Juliet pulling up plants to provide food for her babies.
Again there are six cygnets in the picture but one has it's head under water.
Red Winged Blackbird - Juvenile
Red Winged Blackbird juvenile male siting on a branch.
Swan Lake Park - June 20
Canada Goose
The goslings are entering the ugly duckling phase.
This one was sitting near the East pond and was keeping a close watch on me as I approached.
If you look very closely you will see me in the reflection from his eye.
Mute Swan - Cygnets
Four very hungry cygnets trying to get the last bits of food in the feeder.
Swan Lake Park - June 22
Picture taken from our deck around 8pm.
The sun was low in the west and this Robin landed
on top of a neighbours roof to enjoy the view and the warmth of the sunlight.
American Goldfinch
This little fellow landed on George's, our neigbour, feeder.
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