A beautiful day for a walk in the park. 

May 5th to May 15, 2012.

Swan Lake Village area,
Markham, Ontario

Swan Lake Park
Painted Turtle
This was an incredibly tiny turtle sitting on a log near the swan feeding station. I've blown the picture up to make him easier to see.
Gold Fish
I was surprised to see three gold fish in Swan Lake. The picture shows two of the three feeding at the shore line. I saw these on the north shore of the lake.
Cedar Waxwing
June D mentioned she had seen these birds eating blossoms in the cherry tree at Toogood pond in Unionville.
Swan Lake
Canada Geese with gosling's
Probably because Romeo is chasing every goose he can find on the lake, these geese have been keeping their very young goslings in the east pond.
Canada Goose - baby
For some reason I allways have trouble getting a good clean shot of a Cardinal. An oriental lady saw us taking pictures on the path by the east pond and she took us over to the tree with the Cardinal in it.
Mute Swan Eggs
Art discovered that there were 9 eggs in the nest ( when Sal counted them before there were only 7 eggs).
This Cardinal flew down and landed right in front of me only a short distance up the path from the pier.
Mute Swan
Romeo chasing geese away from the nesting and feeding area.
Mute Swan
Another shot of Romeo chasing the geese. He raises his wings in display to help intimidate the geese.
A very poor picture of the Muskrat in our lake as it swam under the pier and out the other side. The muskrat is a vegetarian and like the beaver in Swan Lake is no threat to the Swans.
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