A beautiful day for a walk in the park. 

Sunday March 25, 2012.

Swan Lake Village area,
Markham, Ontario

Romeo swimming in circles on the small pond to the east of the lake but no sign of Juliet!!!!
Juliet and the Intruder !!!
Eye witnesses confirmed that Juliet had left Romeo and was seen necking with the rogue swan (Lothario). Here they are seen circling the lake together apparently looking for a nesting place.
Shameless is the only way to describe the fickle Juliet as she now supported Lothario in driving poor Romeo from his last refuge the pond.
The Swan Lake Marriage Councillors
All through the afternoon the Swan Lake Marriage Councillors (SLMC) intervened and pursued Lothario around the lake presenting many loud and persuasive arguments to convince Lothario to leave the lake. However Lothario still would not leave the lake and Juliet would not leave Lothario. Then Lothario made a dreadful mistake as he crossed over to the pond where Romeo was and drove him out of the pond and attempted to drive him out of the park. Now that he was on dry land the SLMC and volunteers from the village finally were able to convince Lothario that he had no options but to leave Juliet and the Lake. Before the sun set Lothario was on his way to a new lake.
Romeo and Juliet
The next day Romeo and Juliet were seen circling the lake together, apparently looking for a nesting site. How noble of Romeo to accept his fallen bride back again. But one has to wonder when the eggs hatch - who is the father?
Here Romeo is seen displaying his feathers confirming that he is again the lord of the lake.
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