A beautiful day for a walk in the park. 

Wednesday March 21, 2012.

Swan Lake Village area,
Markham, Ontario

Swan Lake Park
It is hard to believe that 10 days ago the lake was still mostly ice covered.
This week has seen many new record high temperatures recorded. Many of the fauna of Swan Lake were enjoying the sun as well as some new visitors passing through on their annual migration north. Make sure you look at all the pictures in this email as some of the best are at the end.
Red Wing Blackbird
As I started to walk around the lake this fellow greeted me loudly, warning all that this was his territory.
House Sparrow
This sparrow was snacking on the pussy willows as I walked along the path.
Mallard Duck
Walking from the pier at the first park bench I found this fellow crossing my path on his way to the small pond on the east side of the park.
Mallard Duck - Female
His female companion was standing nearby obviously a bit more cautious about crossing the path.
Pussy Willow Tree
These flowers are in full bloom now and the sparrows seemed to enjoy snacking on them.
Coltsfoot flower
These pretty yellow flowers can be seen in a number of spots along the path.
Painted Turtle
From the bridge at the west end of the park I could see many Painted turles sun bathing.
Bufflehead duck
First time I've seen these very small diving ducks on Swan Lake. It is the smallest diving duck in North America. Unlike most ducks the Bufflehead is mostly monogamous. I saw these ducks out in the middle of the lake but took these shots near the pier when they came closer to the shore.
Another view of the bufflehead. You can see part of his leg on the side.
Bufflehead - Female
She seemed a bit more shy then the males and would swim away whenever I approached the shore.
House Sparrow
Another sparrow enjoying the sun and the pussy willows.
Canada Goose
These two geese were enjoying the warm sun near the pier.
Mallard Duck
This male kindly showed me his beautiful feathers as he dried his wings after taking a bath near the island beside the pier.
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