A beautiful day for a walk in the park. 

Saturday September 03, 2011.

Swan Lake Village area,
Markham, Ontario

Swan Lake Park - Aug 28th - Twilight
Mallard Ducks
The setting sun tints the ducks feathers red and orange.
This whiskered fellow was enjoying the green spaces in Swan Lake Village
This little yellow bird watched me closely as I walked by. (Possibly a warbler but most likely an immature Yellow-bellied Flycatcher).
Swan Lake Park - Sept 3rd - Late afternoon
Mallard Duck - female
She was enjoying the warmth of the sun after the storm passed through and seemed to enjoy posing for the picture.
Mute Swans
Romeo and Juliet, paddling about, near the feeding station.
Mute Swans
Romeo and Juliet beside the feeding station. Romeo was wearing a feather on his bill.
Caspian Tern
My favourite bird to watch on the lake. He constantly dove from a height into the water and most times caught a good sized fish.
Caspian Tern
He was fishing about 160 meters away when he dove into the water and caught this fish. Water is still cascading off him as he had just come out of the water and was attempting to return to the air with his catch.
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