A beautiful day for a walk in the park.

Wed July 13, 2011.

Swan Lake Village area.

These are pictures of birds that visit Swan Lake but were taken at the nearby Reesor's Pond today.

Reesor's Pond - 10 minutes south east of Swan Lake Village

Beautiful Caspian Tern in flight.
At a distance this Tern is easily mistaken for a Ring-Billed Gull
but if you look closely the black cap on it's head and the large bright orange bill
are quite visible differences. If you see one it is well worth stopping and watching it for a while,
as it is quite a sight to see one swoop down and dive under water to catch a fish and then
literally fly out of the water with the fish in it's beak.

Ring-Billed Gull
The most common gull to see on Swan Lake
Enjoying an in flight snack.

Ring-Billed Gull flying overhead.
The black ring on its bill that gives this gull it's name is clearly visible.

Great Blue Heron
A frequent visitor of Swan Lake

Least Sandpiper

Least Sandpiper